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All Track Logistic Pvt Ltd. is a licensed CHA with Indian customs and linked through EDI. All Track Logistic is an authorized agent that focuses on customs clearance processes attributable to importers and exporters. All Track Logistic works to provide its customers with professional customs documentation. We also oversee all transactions with relevant Customs authorities, for the access and admissibility of merchandise. This vicinity of specialisation includes class and valuation, obligation fee, taxes, duties,or different prices assessed or collected by Customs on merchandise with the aid of purpose of its importation, or the refund, rebate, and drawback on exportation.

With All Track Logistic, your organization can keep away from needless delays and expensive penalties. Our indepth expertise and knowledge will stand you in correct stead in your dealings with various Customs authorities. All Track Logistic Customs broking services will make certain that you will save precious time and reduce prices, whilst ensuring the smooth passage of your consignment.

Our services highlights:
- Complete Customs documentation for filing of papers under Duty exemption and remission schemes
  like DEPB, Advance License, and DFRC etc.
- Management of Import of Capital Equipments under EPCG Scheme.
- Under Duty Drawback scheme - Drawback Management for shipments exported.
- Warehousing shipments covered under customs bond and debonding thereof.
- Coordination with nodal agencies for shipment tracking in real time.
- Liasioning with DGFT, Embassies/Consulates and various Chambers of Commerce.
- Fumigation, Insurance, Package Labeling & Marking etc. as per client's requirement.
- Door Pick up / Door Delivery of your cargo anywhere in India.
- Consultancy and guidance on selection of right carriers for your shipment.

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